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Monique Haziza

Studio Owner, BA Dance, Kinesiology, Master Pilates Instructor, Rehabilitation Specialist

Monique has been teaching Pilates since 1995, after completing a comprehensive 800+ hour training program with Dianne Miller in Vancouver, obtaining her certification through the Physical Mind Institute. She is a founding member of the Canadian Pilates Association, sitting on its’ board of directors for 3 years. Monique was involved in creating Pilates instructor standards and an examination for the BCRPA. In 1997 Pilates Unlimited was established (the 2nd studio in Vancouver). In 1999 Monique was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award, and Pilates Unlimited has since been voted, by Vancouverites, as the Best Pilates Facility from 2003 to present.

Monique has extensive experience with Rehabilitative Pilates, having successfully assisted those with physical limitations or disabilities, to a better quality of life. Monique has worked with many individuals who’ve been in motor vehicle accidents, those with chronic pain and with individuals suffering from spinal cord injuries, just to name a few.

From 1999-2003 Monique taught Instructor Training courses for the Physical Mind Institute. By 2004, she developed her own curriculum for training, successfully “graduating” many highly sought-after instructors in both the Pilates Mat work and the full Equipment repertoire. Many of her students now own, operate or work in successful studios across Vancouver, its suburbs, Northern & Interior B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Continuing education is a priority, and Monique has taken many training courses and workshops over the years, including courses with Karen Carlson, Marie Jose, Eric Franklin, and Marika Molnar. Monique has certificates in Hyperton X and Bio-Kinesiology, and has taken workshops focusing on the shoulder, hips and pelvis and sports-specific muscle testing. In addition, she takes sessions in complimentary modalities such as Rolfing, Gyrokinesis and Massage Therapy. Pilates Unlimited is a member of the both the Canadian Pilates Association and the Pilates Method Alliance.

Katie Stradwick

Certified Pilates Instructor

A competitive gymnast and active tomboy in my youth and a weekend fitness warrior in my 20’s & 30’s, resulted in a myriad of nagging injuries. Due to these injuries I was turned on to Pilates and it literally changed my life. 

The discipline of practice through strengthening, alignment and flexibility have rewarded me with a stronger body and mind. My weaknesses have become strengths and Pilates has given me a solid foundation to carry on with all my other activities I do throughout the day. Now when I’m out running with my dog in Stanley Park or Paddle boarding in English Bay, I can carry my Pilates practice with me and protect myself from injury.

My personal philosophy is to help facilitate people in achieving their goals and objectives, safely. I look forward to working with you and building your own practice. See you soon!